The case for Bitcoin

Bitcoin transactions take too long

One of the key issues people have with Bitcoin that is frequently brought up would be that the transactions take too long. the argument of Bitcoin transaction being too slow aren’t taking into account the real value of Bitcoin or the nature of how transactions work today.

High energy usage

Another issue people have with Bitcoin is the high energy costs associated with mining.

How will Bitcoin fit in with financial advisors?

Because the companies that bought Bitcoin are such high performers further adoption is the logical next step.

FOMO and Bitcoin

Let’s talk about how FOMO can actually have positive effects on Bitcoin. It may seem that because Bitcoin has risen so much that it’s a bad investment that many people will continue to buy in because they’re required to buy, institutions and others will buy in because they’re afraid of missing out which is normally a bad idea but in the case of Bitcoin, buying Bitcoin raises not only the value of Bitcoin but also the reputation network effects and overall utility of the asset much like a social network but decentralised and secure.



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